Your dog never stops barking?

Discover BAUSTOP!

The most effective, painless and quickest way to stop your dog from barking.

BAUSTOP is the revolutionary water-spray anti-bark device that does not require connection to the electrical and water lines.

Quick to install and easy to use, BAUSTOP is the ideal instrument to correct your dog’s bothersome behavior.

BAUSTOP is comprised of:

  • A capacious tank (15 L),
  • Two spray nozzles,
  • A pump,
  • An electronic card,
  • One 12V battery

as well as hoses, joint connections and all accessories necessary for its proper functioning.

Your dog will not stop barking?
Click to find out BAUSTOP! The most
effective, quick and painless way to
silence your dog.
BAUSTOP is quick to install and easy
to use, follow the instructions and in
less than 10 minutes, will be operational.
Questions or problems using
BAUSTOP? Check the FAQ. If you do
not find the answer, please use the
Contact button on the top menu.
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