About us

For almost 15 years Cinotecnica has been offering the best on the market for your dog’s training and wellness.

Founded in Lucca by Paolo Roberti, Cinotecnica has quickly become a nationally and internationally renowned company for the reliability and quality of its products.

For years sole distributor for Italy of Dogtra products:

Cinotecnica has recently filed two exclusive patents for the water anti-bark devices:


Safe, painless, fast-acting devices, these are just the latest of Cinotecnica’s products in the field of anti-bark devices.

Always committed to offering the best and most reliable service, together with the product’s technical sheets that can be found on its websites, Cinotecnica, offers consistent and reliable professional assistance.

You can contact our technicians by phone, e-mail or Skype. and you will always find courtesy, professionalism and the right answer to your questions.

Your dog will not stop barking?
Click to find out BAUSTOP! The most
effective, quick and painless way to
silence your dog.
BAUSTOP is a revolutionary anti-bark
water-spraying applicable to kennels
(cages) of already existing any size and
shape. Applicable to small open spaces and
small gardens.
BAUSTOP is quick to install and easy
to use, follow the instructions and in
less than 10 minutes, will be operational.
Questions or problems using
BAUSTOP? Check the FAQ. If you do
not find the answer, please use the
Contact button on the top menu.
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