How it works

Install your BAUSTOP in three simple steps :

  1. Assemble BAUSTOP by carefully following the instructions (it won’t take more than 10 minutes).
  2. Fill the tank with water.
  3. Connect the battery.

Now BAUSTOP is operational. At the first barking sound, your dog will receive a spurt of water, short but bothersome, at the height of its chest. The animal will quiet down immediately.

The spray nozzles supplied with BAUSTOP have an adjustable working angle from 0° to 360° and a spraying range of about 6 meters. For a 5x5m kennel, just one nozzle will be sufficient, positioned in a corner and adjusted at 90°.

It is very important to position the nozzles so that no “blind spots” remain where the dog can find refuge (ex: inside or behind the doghouse).

In general, just a few spray actions (2 or 3) are needed for the dog to learn to associate its barking with the spurt of water and for it to stop the bothersome behavior.

With BAUSTOP you will correct your dog effectively, quickly and harmlessly.

BAUSTOP is a solution by CINOTECNICA.

Your dog will not stop barking?
Click to find out BAUSTOP! The most
effective, quick and painless way to
silence your dog.
BAUSTOP is a revolutionary anti-bark
water-spraying applicable to kennels
(cages) of already existing any size and
shape. Applicable to small open spaces and
small gardens.
Questions or problems using
BAUSTOP? Check the FAQ. If you do
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